Finished Students' Projects

Information Visualization (IV), Visual Analytics (VA)
Title Assigned as Student(s)
Visualization of Events in the Space-time Cube
Extended Creativity and the Data, Users, Tasks of AI-Generated Art
Guerrilla Research
Visual Analytics for Interactive Articles
Modeling Provenance for Guidance in Visual Analytics Seminar work/Seminararbeit
Information Visualization (IV), Medical Informatics, Visual Analytics (VA)
Title Assigned as Student(s)
Visualization of Diffusion Processes
Information Visualization (IV)
Title Assigned as Student(s)
Dynamic Graph Visualization using Matrices
Streaming graph visualization using WebGL
Streaming layout algorithms for large graphs
Visualizing Landfill Mining Data Master thesis/Diplomarbeit
Temporal Analysis for Social Networks
Visualization of Cultural Heritage Collection Data
Media Transparency Dashboard Project/Projektarbeit

David Pfahler

Explore and Investigate Media Transparency Project/Projektarbeit

Manuel T. Schrempf

Network Traffic Visualization
Tickit: Interactive Visual Interfaces for Mobile Time Tracking Project/Projektarbeit

Damir Dizdarevic

Exploiting interaction in dynamic graph visualization Bachelor thesis/Bakkalaureatsarbeit

Riccardo Scalisi

Compact Display of Event Episodes in Multiple Time-Series Bachelor thesis/Bakkalaureatsarbeit

Sascha Rainer

Stefan Schlossarek

Information visualization evaluation
Knowledge-based Patient Data Generation
Comparison of Web-based Toolkits for Visualization of Time-oriented Data Bachelor thesis/Bakkalaureatsarbeit

Rene Koller

Text & Document Visualization

Jakob Frohnwieser

Visual Assistance for Importing Time-oriented Data Tables
Stack Zooming for Stock Market Data
DOI TimeScale for Medical Histories Master thesis/Diplomarbeit
FacetZoom - Interactive Time Scale
iCalendar Import/Export
Rank Chart / Slopegraph for (car) racing data
Cycle Plot for climate data
Visual Glyph Editor for Rapid Prototyping Master thesis/Diplomarbeit

Thomas Kabon

Calendar Layouter Project/Projektarbeit
TrainVis 2 Project/Projektarbeit

Bernhard Mecl (PR)

Visual Debugging Aids for Eclipse Project/Projektarbeit

Peter Bodesinsky
Alex Gruber
Dorna Nasseri

Empirical Evaluation of a Visualization Technique with Semantic Zoom Master thesis/Diplomarbeit

Stephan Hoffmann

InfoVis for Nursing Bachelor thesis/Bakkalaureatsarbeit

Roman Tanzer

A Comparison of Static and Dynamic Visualizations for Time-Oriented Data Master thesis/Diplomarbeit

Barbara Neubauer

Temporal Parallel Coordinate Plot
Information Extraction (IE) and Transformation, Information Visualization (IV), Visual Analytics (VA)
Title Assigned as Student(s)
Musification of Urban Data
Data Quality, Information Extraction (IE) and Transformation, Information Visualization (IV), Plan Execution, Visual Analytics (VA)
Title Assigned as Student(s)
Games and Tasks
Visual Analytics (VA)
Title Assigned as Student(s)
Guidance in Visualization and Visual Analytics Seminar work/Seminararbeit
Graphical Representation of Life Paths to Better Convey Results of Decision Models to Patients Project/Projektarbeit
Visual Analytics of the evolution of patent classification trees
Visual analytics of the evolution of patent inventor networks
Visual analytics of clinical data and treatment processes for cohorts
Predicting Movie Success (VAST Challenge 2013) Project/Projektarbeit

Philipp Omenitsch

Implementing Complex Calendar Systems in Java Master thesis/Diplomarbeit

Network Traffic Visualization Bachelor thesis/Bakkalaureatsarbeit

Marcel Penz (Bachelor thesis)

Methods for Mining of Interaction Logs
Beyond Google Analytics: Visualization of Web Usage Data Seminar work/Seminararbeit

Philip Miglinci

Evaluating Statistical Models for Time Series Analysis Master thesis/Diplomarbeit

Visual Analytics Methods to Explore Drilling Data: Pattern Recognition and Trend Analysis in Multi-variate Drilling Data
Information Extraction (IE) and Transformation
Title Assigned as Student(s)
Translating Block-Oriented and Graph-Oriented Process Modeling Languages Seminar work/Seminararbeit

Thomas Tschach

Concept Mapping or Indexing of (Biomedical) Text Bachelor thesis/Bakkalaureatsarbeit

Edita Rados

Dokumentenvergleich mit Annotationen Bachelor thesis/Bakkalaureatsarbeit

Bruno Pfeiffer
Philipp Waibel

Plan Execution
Title Assigned as Student(s)
Plan Execution Unit