Guidance in Visualization and Visual Analytics


Visual Analytics is a process supporting the information discovery through a combination of automated analysis methods, interactive visual interfaces, human perception, and reasoning. It is an effective solution to make sense of the data. However, users are not always able to complete an analysis successfully due to complex tasks and tools. 


In order to strengthen the synergy between humans and machines and foster a good analysis outcome, in the past years scientists and practitioners focused their efforts on creating approaches and tools to actively support the users during the analysis.

These approaches are generally referred to by the term Guidance


You should provide an overview of Guidance approaches in the field of Visual Analytics, describing how this guidance process takes place in this field, and how guidance is provided to the user.

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Starting point(s) for research:

Davide CenedaTheresia GschwandtnerThorsten MaySilvia MikschHans-Jörg SchulzMarc StreitChristian Tominski"Characterizing Guidance in Visual Analytics"IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, vol. 23, pp. 111-120, 2017. paper

Davide CenedaTheresia GschwandtnerThorsten MaySilvia MikschMarc StreitChristian Tominski"Guidance or No Guidance? A Decision Tree Can Help"EuroVA: International Workshop on Visual Analytics, pp. 19–23, 2018. paper


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