Cycle Plot for climate data


Cycle Plot

Time-series data may contain a seasonal as well as a trend component, which is also reflected in many statistical models. Cleveland (1993) describes cycle plots as a technique to make seasonal and trend components visually discernable. This is achieved by showing individual trends as line plots embedded within a plot that shows the seasonal pattern. In the figure, we see an increasing trend for Mondays, but a decreasing trend for Tuesdays. Additionally, the cycle plot shows the mean value for each weekday (depicted as gray lines). Connecting the mean val- ues as a line plot (dashed line in the figure) reveals the seasonal pattern, which in this case is a weekly pattern that clearly shows a peak on Wednesday. 

In the context of this practical, the technique should be used to display climate data over time.


Prototypical implementation of the Cycle Plot using an existing framework for interactive visualization of time-oriented data that is based on prefuse

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Information Visualization, Structure of Time
Information Visualization (IV)
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Java (preferably Swing, Java2D, prefuse Toolkit)