TrainVis 2


Ein Prototyp zur interaktiven Visualisierung von Zugfahrplänen, der im Rahmen eines vergangenen Praktikums enstanden ist (TrainVis), soll erweitert werden. Aufgabe wäre hier diesen Prototypen zu verbessern, zu überarbeiten und zu erweitern.

  1. Data input:
    Currently, test data is stored in a proprietary format and has to be entered manually. This process should be automated by implementing a corresponding data importer that reads the binary format of train schedule export files.
  2. Performance: 
    The biggest deficiency of the application as it is is its performance. In our opinion this comes mainly from huge data tables that have to be used to store all the temporal information. At the moment when the selected time-range is altered the horizontal coordinates of ALL items is changed and that takes time obviously. To solve this problem a reorganization of the internal data organization could be necessary. Also the table-based approach of the prefuse-toolkit might not be optimal for this manner. 
  3. Query functionality: 
    Query functionality to find a specific connection or to modify the displayed amount of trains could make the application more interactive and useful. 
  4. Sorting: 
    Interactive sorting for both bar chart visualizations would improve their functionality very much. 
  5. A real Table for the “Table”-tab 
    At the moment the “Table”-tab is only a textbox that cannot be edited. A real table would look much better. 
  6. Multiple Views: 
    It would be nice to be able to see all four tabs at once. At the moment this would bring a performance loss because all data tables would have to be edited simultaneously. 
  7. Bar height: 
    When the database holds a large quantity of connections the bars of the duration bar chart and the time line chart overlap each other depending of the height of the application window. Therefore it would be a good thing to adapt the height of the bars to the amount of available horizontal pixels. The labels and the current state of the range slider would also have to be taken into consideration for an optimal appearance of both bar charts.


Design und Implementierung von Erweiterungen des TrainVis Prototypen

Other information

Projektseite des TrainVis Projekts mit weiterführenden Informationen und Prototyp zum Download:


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Informationsvisualisierung, User Interface Design
Information Visualization (IV)
Previous knowledge
Java (wünschenswert Swing, Java2D, prefuse Toolkit)
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Bernhard Mecl (PR)