Finished Projects

VisMaster CA -- Visual Analytics - Mastering the Information Age

VisMasterVisMaster is a European Coordination Action Project focused on the research discipline of Visual Analytics: One of the most important challenges of the emerging Information Age is to effectively utilise the immense wealth of information and data acquired, computed and stored by modern information systems.

Visualization Technique for Time-Oriented Data with Semantic Zoom

This project is part of the research project VisuExplore, which is dealing with the interactive visualization of patient data to assist physicians and medical staff.


The visualization techniques have been developed in the Midgaard project but so far only been implemented in Flash to demonstrate the idea of the concept.

VisuExplore – Gaining New Medical Insights from Visual Exploration

VisuExploreThe application of modern technology in clinical practice leads to a massive increase in quantity and complexity of electronically acquired medical data and information. Current commercial clinical information systems are faced with the explosion of available medical data and users of these systems ask for alternative, more intuitive solutions.