TrainVis 2 - Interactive visualization of railway timetables

Submitted by mhammerl on Fri, 30. Aug 2013 - 10:48
  • Bernhard Mecl, Vienna University of Technology, Student
  • Wolfgang Aigner, Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems, Vienna, Austria

TrainVis facilitates the visualization of railway timetables using several different types of representations. Since it is directly based on the low-level toolkits prefuse and TimeVismuch functionality including the data input format is custom to the application and its practical usefulness is mostly limited by missing query and filter operations. VisuExplore, on the other hand, already provides an abstraction over those toolkits but is only able to process data representable in a simple tabular form. The goal of the TrainVis 2 project therefore is threefold:

  • Generalize VisuExplore to support arbitrary datasets.
  • Re-implement the functionality available in TrainVis.
  • Enable interaction with the data by way of query and filter operations.