Silvia Miksch


Favoritenstraße 9-11, A-1040 Vienna, Austria

HG 01 15
+43 (1) 58801 - 18824
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CV / Current Position

I studied Information Systems (Economic Computer Science) at the University of Vienna and the Vienna University of Technology with concentration on Applied Statistics and Artificial Intelligence. I received my master of Social and Economic Science from the University of Vienna in 1987 and my Ph.D. in 1990. Afterwards I joined the Knowledge-Based Systems Group at the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI) , as scientific researcher. I was a Postdoctoral Fellow within the Adaptive Intelligent Systems group of the Knowledge Systems Laboratory which in turn is part of the Computer Science Department at Stanford University CA, USA (August 1995 - August 1996, FWF-Erwin Schrödinger post-graduate fellowship). In October 1996, I joined the Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems (ISIS), Vienna University of Technology . From November 1999 to Febuary 2006, I was Associate University Professor. From 2006 to 2010 I was University Professor (Univ.Prof.) and head of the Department of Information and Knowledge Engineering at Danube University Krems, Austria. In April 2010 I moved back to the Institute at the Vienna University of Technology to establish the awarded Laura Bassi Centre of Expertise "CVAST - Center for Visual Analytics Science and Technology" funded by the Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth of the Republic of Austria. (This initiative programme, the only one of its kind in Europe, is committed to equal opportunities and to establishing a new research culture to carry out applied basic research in the natural sciences, engineering and technology). As of April 1, 2015 (no joke ;-) ), I am Full University Professor (Visual Analytics) at Vienna University of Technology

From April to September 2001 I was Visiting/Guest Professor at the Department of Simulation and Graphics, Faculty of Computer Science (FIN), Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg. From October 2001 to January 2002 I was Visiting/Guest Professor at the Johannes Kepler University Linz.

From 1997 to 2006 I was chair of the Austrian Society for Artificial Intelligence (ÖGAI) and from 1998 to 2002 I was member (and vice-chair) of the board of the European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence (ECCAI) .

Research Interests

  • Visualization & Visual Analytics
    • Information Visualization
    • Interaction Design
    • Data Analysis Methods: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
    • Information Extraction and Integration
    • Knowledge Crystallization Processes
  • Temporal Representation and Reasoning
    • Time-Oriented Modelling
    • Temporal Data Abstraction
  • Plan Management (Continual Plan Modeling)
    • Data and Process Modeling
    • Workflow Systems
    • Planning, Plan Execution, Plan Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Task-oriented Design, Development, and Evaluation in Real-World Environments
    • Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice
    • Guideline- and Protocol-based Care: Design, Monitoring, and Therapy Planning
    • Medical Environments: (Neonatal) Intensive Care Units, Diabetes Management, Management of Hyperbilirubinemia/Jaundice
    • Business Intelligence
    • Market Analysis
    • Other disciplines of natural, social, and economic sciences

Teaching (partly in German)

Current Activities

Membership of Scientific Societies (Selection of the last 10 years)

2005 – 2013     Member of AIME Steering Committee
–                Member of VAST Steering Committee

2015 –                Member of VIS Executive Committee (VEC)
2006                Vize-Chairperson of the ÖGAI - Austrian Society for Artificial Intelligence (“Österreichische Gesellschaft für Artificial Intelligence”)
2006 2008    Danube University Krems representative in the Forum Neue Medien Austria (FNMA)

Reviewing Activities (Selection of the last 10 years)

2014 – 2017     Member in Advisory Board of EU Project VALCRI
– 2018     Member in Advisory Board of FWF Project KAVA-Time

2015 – 2018     Member in Advisory Board of FIT Project Visual Analytics in Data-driven Journalism (VALID), FFG ICT of the Future
2013 – 2018     Panel Member of European Research Council (ERC): Consolidator Grant, Computer Science and Informatics (PE6): 3 times
2017 – 2020     Scientific Reporter of Austrian Research Fund (FwF)
2013                   Panel Member of ZIT / Wirtschaftsagentur Wien: Call Science to Products
2014                   Panel Member of ZIT / Wirtschaftsagentur Wien: Innovations (Urban Solutions)
2011 – 2015      Associate Editor of Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG, IEEE)
2011 –  2015     Book Review Editor of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIM-J, Elsevier)
2012 –               Member of Editorial Board of Journal of Biomedical Informatics (JBI, Elsevier)
2017 – 2020     Member of Editorial Board of Computer Graphics Forum (CGF)

Chairpersons (selected)

  • Paper Co-Chair of Eurographics/IEEE Conference on Visualization (EuroVis 2012)
  • Paper Co-Chair of IEEE Conference on Visual Analytics Science and Technology (IEEE VAST 2011 and IEEE VAST 2012)
  • Paper Co-Chair of the Second International Workshop on Visual Analytics (EuroVA 2011)
  • Paper Co-Chair of International Workshop Series on Knowledge Representation for Health Care (KR4HC)

Institutional Responsibilities (Selection of the last 10 years)

2016 – 2018     Member of the Curricular Committees of Computer Science, TU Wien, Austria
– 2019     Member of the Academic Senate, TU Wien, Austria (2016-2017 substitute member)

2016 – 2019     Member of the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Informatics, TU Wien, Austria
2018 –              Coordinator of the Research Focus Visual Computing and Human-Centered Technology, TU Wien, Austria
2010 – 2016     Member of the Senate at Danube University Krems
1999 –               Member of several Habilitation Committees
2011 –               Member of several Selection Committees of Professors (TU Wien, Austria; Otto-von-Guericke University, Magdeburg, Germany; Department of Computer and Information Science - Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet (NTNU), Trondheim, Norwegen)

Further Information

Open Student Topics


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