Christian Bors

Project Assistant

Favoritenstraße 9-11, A-1040 Vienna, Austria

HE 01 32
+43 (1) 58801 - 188214
+43 (1) 58801 - 9188214


  • Visualizing Data Quality
    • Data Quality Metrics - Indicating the Quality of a Data Set through providing overview information of specific data characteristics
    • Time-oriented Data Cleansing - Exploiting the specifics of time-oriented data sets to inform users about specialized quality information and cleansing operations
  • Provenance from Data Quality Assessment
    • ​Data Cleansing and Profiling Operations
    • Development of a Data Set
  • Development of robust visualization techniques fitted for providing overview information of tabular data sets
  • Visualization of Uncertainty
    • Quantification of implicit uncertainty information
    • Development of visualization techniques for types of uncertainty

Technical Interests

  • Development
    • Web-Development - JS, AngularJS, D3, ...
    • Java, Mobile Development
    • Visualization in Web-Environments
  • Data
    • ​Uni- and multivariate time series and time-oriented data
    • Open data initiatives
    • Personal Data - private data gathered from fitness tracking, manual logging (personal health)
  • Applications
    • ​Data Transformation Applications
    • Cloud/Web Applications
    • Collaboration-oriented environments
    • Uncertainty aware visualizations
    • Visual interfaces for segmenting and labeling time series

Student Projects

If you are interested in the topics shortly outlined above, please contact me and we will arange a personal meeting to talk about ideas how you can contribute and complete your Master's or Bachelor's thesis.

  • A Visual Approach for Exploring Quality Problems of Multivariate and Time-Oriented Data
    Duration: Feb 2014 - Oct 2016
  • Integrating dedicated time-oriented data transformations into OpenRefine
    Duration: Feb 2015 - Jan 2017
    Code: github

Open Student Topics

Title Scope Area
Modeling Provenance for Guidance in Visual Analytics SE, PR Visual Analytics (VA), Information Visualization (IV)
Processing and Segmenting Road Cycling Data for Visual Analysis BA, PR Visual Analytics (VA)
Visualizing Multiple Types of Uncertainty BA, PR, MA Visual Analytics (VA)
Visualizing Provenance from Data Wrangling and Data Cleansing PR, MA Visual Analytics (VA)


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