New FWF Project: ArtVis

Submitted by Velitchko Filipov on Fri, 18. Mar 2022 - 11:39

The Austrian Science Fund (FWF) is funding a new project led by Silvia Miksch (conceptualized with Velitchko Filipov and Victor Schetinger) and in cooperation with Raphael Rosenberg (Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies, Department of Art History).

We are proud of our research proposal:

ArtVis: Dynamische Netzwerk für die digitale Kunstgeschichte (P 35767)
PI: Silvia Miksch


The aim of our project is to model the components of the art system (persons, objects, places, institutions, and events) and how they interacted with each other over time through the use of dynamic network visualization. this proposal will break new ground in network visualization with novel visual analytics approaches for digital art history with a focus on the network dynamics, and their complexity in space and time, and will provide new insights for domain experts.

For more information see project webpage