ArtVis Dynamic Network Perspectives on Digital Art History


In order to better understand the history of art a major challenge of Digital Art History (DAH) is to understand how the components of the art system (persons, objects, places, institutions, and events) interacted with each other and how these interactions vary over time. The aim of our project is to model such complex relations through the use of Network Visualization (NetVis). Networks have a wide range of application in many domains, including social sciences, software engineering, and economics. NetVis has proven to be a successful tool to model data and phenomena for tasks in these domains, yet most modern solutions do not account for the complex aspects of the data and their dynamic. Real-world data is rarely static and for most application domains and problems it is essential to model and visualize the evolution and change of attributes and characteristics in the network, its actors, their relationships, and movement over time.

CREA LabTU Wien Informatics