Visual Analytics and Computer Vision Meet Cultural Heritage


PhD Program Visual Heritage

The possibilities for preserving our cultural heritage have made enormous progress through digital technologies. Visual media such as historical photographs and amateur films are important components of the media collections created by digitization. To capture the contents of these collections and gain new insights, it takes methods that combine efficient automated data analysis with the expertise of specialists. Our joint doctoral program explores approaches to automatic image analysis and visualization to access historical media collections and make them accessible to a wide range of users. The central aspect here is the interdisciplinary approach between computer science and the humanities.




Core Faculty 


Project Partners

St. Pölten University of Applied, Institute of Creative\Media/Technologies (IC\M/T)


Austrian Science Fund (FWF) – doc.funds.connect, grant [DFH 37-N];  Grant-DOI [10.55776/DFH37]


Collections of digitized cultural artifacts offer immense potential to increase the knowledge of our heritage. However, the systematic analysis and presentation of historical photographs and amateur films are still strongly limited. This impedes the analysis, interpretation, and subsequent preservation of human cultural history. Our doctoral program aims to close basic and applied research gaps through an innovative combination of human-in-the-loop computer vision and visual analytics to advance interactive analysis, exploration, and presentation of historical visual media collections.