The 35th Epilog - Talents Today and Tomorrow ::: Bernhard Pointner

Submitted by Silvia Miksch on

This semester, nine Master graduates were nominated for the Distinguished Young Alumn Award. Out of all candidates, the jury members Margrit Gelautz, Renata Raidou, Emanuel Sallinger, Maria Christakis and Ezio Bartocci selected three nominees to present their theses in a ten-minute talk at the Epilog finale: Markus Böck, Lea Brugger and Bernhard Pointner .

Finalist Markus Böck wrote his thesis on “Machine Learning for Interactive Performance Prediction” and was supervised by Jürgen Cito. Lea Brugger was supervised by Laura Kovács and the title of her thesis was “Automating Proofs of Game-Theoretic Security Properties of Off-Chain Protocols”. Bernhard Pointner’s thesis “An Interactive Visualization Approach to Tackle Design Constraints in a Rule-Based Recommendation System” was supervised by Silvia Miksch and Johanna Schmidt.

The jury decided to crown Lea Brugger the winner and Markus Böck and Bernhard Pointner as honorable mention.

We are very proud of Bernhard - a great piece of work.

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