Davide Ceneda - Best PhD Thesis Award @ EuroVis 2021

Submitted by Davide Ceneda on Wed, 16. Jun 2021 - 10:46

On June 15 2021, Davide Ceneda was awarded the "Best PhD Dissertation Award" for his thesis "Guidance-Enriched Visual Analytics" during EuroVis 2021   --- announced in the Opening

"The EuroVis Best Ph.D. Dissertation Award recognizes outstanding dissertations in academic research and development over topics relevant to visualization. The intent of this award is to recognize excellent young researchers in their early career and to highlight visualization research. The award is managed by the Best Ph.D. dissertation committee, constituted by a Chair appointed by the EuroVis Steering Committee."

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Davide wants to thank his advisors: Silvia Miksch and Christian Tominski for their support and all the co-authors and colleagues that contributed and gave valuable feedback to his work.