Book "Foundations of Visualization" is now published by Springer

Submitted by Silvia Miksch on Sun, 23. Aug 2020 - 14:21

About 50 contributors worked together on one project over about 2,5 years which resulted in a book with 4 different parts, 21 single chapters, and roughly 400 pages which is unbelievable.


Foundations of Data Visualization
, M., Hauser, H., Rheingans, P., Scheuermann, G. (Eds.)
Springer, 2020


Helwig Hauser: "Right now, I'm quite a bit proud about the achievement. It was fascinating to think about the principal foundations of data visualization in depth, together with many of the very best scientists in our field, and I think that the book contains many valuable and relevant perspectives. Of course, this book is just a stepping stone and we expect that it will be followed by results from further progress along our quest for a thorough understanding of the science of data visualization. Many, many thanks to all, who have contributed!