Velitchko Filipov nominated to EPILOG - winter term 2018

Submitted by Silvia Miksch on Sat, 6. Jan 2018 - 18:16

Only four candidates were nominated to present their distinguished Master Thesis at the Faculty of Informatics  EPILOG (winter term 2018) at TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology).

Velitchko Filipov, member of the CVAST team, will present his Master Thesis on "Visual Exploration and Comparison of Multiple Resumes: Focus on Time and Space" supervised by Univ.-Prof. Silvia Miksch.

The candidates were selected from the different institutes/research groups of the Faculty of Informatics based on their excellent work within their Master Thesis.

  • EPILOG - winter term 2017/18
  • Thursday, 18 January 2018, 14:30 –17:30
  • TU Wien, Freihaus, lecture hall 3
  • 1040 Vienna, Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10, Tower B (yellow, 2nd floor)


The CVAST team congratulates Velitchko for his achievement and wishes him the best of success for his talk.

More details about Computer Science Epliog @ TU Vienna

Program ::: 2018 EPILOG