CVAST submission 3rd place at GD 2018 Contest

CVAST submission at GD 2018 contest earned the 3rd place, making its way to the podium. 

All the authors thank the contest committee for the opportunity of being represented at a such prestigious venue and all the people who contributed to this result.

CVAST submission FINALIST at GD 2018 Contest

Every year, at the International Symposium on Graph Drawing and Network Visualization a contest is held, in which several researchers produce a visualization (made by hand or automatically generated) of a given dataset and compete on which one represents it the best, according to various criteria that include the overall presentation and the faithfulness to the original dataset. This year, two datasets were given:

Job: (+) Junior Research Position (PhD candidate) and (+) Post-Doctoral Researcher in Visual Analytics/Information Visualization, TU Wien [DL: August 15, 2018]

Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien):
Research Division "Visual Analytics" : Centre for Visual Analytics Science and Technology (CVAST)

Introducing our new CVAST member: Alessio

The CVAST group is proud to introduce and welcome our new colleague Alessio Arleo:

Interactive Music Mapping Vienna

The Interactive Music Mapping Vienna (IMMV) research project has been featured in a few newspapers and online magazines, including 'Die Presse', 'Der Standard', and FWF's 'Scilog'. The project’s focus is the valorisation and the mediation of the capabilities of music as an urban identification tool.

Plakat A1 IWF Forschungsprojekt

Paolo Federico is now Visualization Expert at Nokia

We are excited and proud of our former member Paolo Federico who was promoted to be a visualization expert at Nokia.


Change of Institute

As a result of a major restructuring of the Faculty of Informatics, we are announcing that our workgroup has transitioned to the Institute of Visual Computing & Human-Centered Technology, starting with 01.01.2018.

Velitchko Filipov nominated to EPILOG - winter term 2018

Only four candidates were nominated to present their distinguished Master Thesis at the Faculty of Informatics  EPILOG (winter term 2018) at TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology).

Past and Future of Laura Bassi Centres of Excellence in Austria Innovativ 2017

An inspiring article about the past and the future of  Laura Bassi Centres of Excellence in Austria Innovativ 2017 (in German, only).