Survey Visualization of Medication Data


Update: no longer relevant

Medical treatment often involves prescription of pharmaceutical substances (= medication). Data on such medication can have a complex structure: brand names, active ingredients (german "Wirkstoffe"), dose, schedule, only to be taken on pain, etc. Furthermore many patients, especially in geriatric care, are treated with much medication at the same time and have a long medical history. 


Search and compare interactive visual interfaces that represent medication histories of patients or groups of patients. Look for approaches that manage to visualize a large amount of data on the screen. Focus on scientific publications.

Other information

Starting point(s) for research (contact person below for details):

  • Tech. Report IKE-TR-2009-01; Tech. Report HCIL-2010-19
  • Search on PubMed
  • cp. LifeLines, Patient History in Pocket


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Information Visualization (IV)
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