Mapping Parliamentary Discourse


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The Parliament is a cornerstone of Austria’s political system. In its two chambers, elected representatives debate drafts for legislation and discuss enquiries with members of the government. Since 1996 the proceedings including speeches of all plenary sessions of the Parliament are electronically available as largely unstructured text (HTML). Additional background information is available from the Parliament’s website. This text collection offers a rich source for longitudinal analysis about Austria’s political system: e.g., thematic trends, political buzzword, networks of key speakers, text readability measures …


Investigate data availability and identify usage scenarios based on data/users/tasks.

Develop (semi-)automatic methods for extraction structured data from the stenographic minutes.

Design and prototypical implementation of an interactive visual interface.

Perform a user study to evaluate the developed paper/functional prototypes.

(The scope and depth of development are negotiable depending on the size of project in students/ECTS and the students’ interests.)

Other information


Introductory reading:

Aigner, W., Miksch, S., Schumann, H., & Tominski, C. (2011). Visualization of Time-Oriented Data. Berlin: Springer.

Görg, C., Liu, Z., & Stasko, J. (2013). Reflections on the evolution of the Jigsaw visual analytics system. Information Visualization. doi:10.1177/1473871613495674


Further information

Politics, journalism, text, time-oriented-data.
Information Visualization (IV)
Previous knowledge
Paper prototyping; (optionally) basic knowledge of a visualization library such as D3.js or prefuse; (optionally) qualitative HCI methods
Not specified