MobiGuide: Guiding Patients Anytime Everywhere


The aim of the MobiGuide project is to develop an intelligent decision-support system for patients with chronic illnesses. The system accompanies the patients wherever they go and helps them and their care providers in managing their illness, whether they are at home, at work, out and about or travelling abroad on holiday or for business.

MobiGuide aims to

  • reduce healthcare costs
  • increase compliance to clinical guidelines
  • reduce the risks to patients
  • increase patients’ satisfaction

MobiGuide (FP7-287811) is a supported project under the European Commission 7th Framework Programm, Collaborative projects - Large-scale integrating project (IP).


MobiGuide LogoMobiGuide (MG) will develop a patient guidance system that integrates hospital and monitoring data into a Personal Health Record (PHR) accessible by patients and care providers and provide personalized secure clinical-guideline-based guidance also outside clinical environments. MG's ubiquity will be achieved by having a Decision Support System (DSS) at the back end, and on the front end by utilizing Body Area Network (BAN) technology and developing a coordinated light-weight DSS that can operate independently. Personalization will be achieved by considering patient preferences and context. Retrospective data analysis will be used to assess compliance and to indicate care pathways shown to be beneficial for certain patient context.

MG will be validated on pre-selected clinical domains with intensive vs. sparse monitoring to demonstrate the generality of the design and assess functionality, feasibility, and impact.
MG addresses EU priorities: increasing patient safety, ubiquituous secure access to health care, patient empowerment, developing a common platform for healthcare services, and competitiveness of Europe.
The time is right for MG in view of Europe's vast interest in national PHRs and patient empowerment. MG will leverage this momentum to create a solution that goes beyond local proprietary and stand-alone EMR, DSS, and BAN.


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