Doctoral College: Environmental Informatics


Sustainable exploration, understanding, and management of natural and person-made resources and biodiversity are challenging application domains, which provide various multivariate and time-oriented data and information. In particular, in the environmental domain, exploring and managing resources (monitored as multivariate and time-oriented data and information) in a changing environment asks for innovative Visual Analytics methods. The research challenges will be to utilize Visual Analytics methods to explore and understand such environmental resources, to detect the expected and discover the unexpected, and to provide a visual discovery environment for decision support for the analysts.


Environmental InformaticsIn recent years, Environmental Informatics has emerged as a new interdisciplinary research field that can facilitate decisions regarding social, economic, ecological, and environmental goals based on a variety of information technology measures. This Doctoral College program aims to utilize the interdisciplinary potential to promote the objectives of Environmental Informatics in one of the research focus points of the Vienna University of Technology, "Energy and Environment".

The doctoral college "Environmental Informatics" as an interdisciplinary approach aims to establish research collaboration amongst the next generation of researchers and to address environmental problems by utilizing synergies from different methods from the fields of informatics, geoinformation, simulation, statistics, visualization, energy research, and architecture. The outcome of this college will be timely, accurate, accessible and comprehensible information processes for solving environmental problems by researching informatics together with environmental sciences.

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