OncoCure - Information and Communication Technologies for Clinical Governance in Oncology


Design and Development of a computerised guideline-based system for supporting and evaluating evidence-based clinical practice and aiming to use innovative eHealth methods and models for clinical governance in oncology.


This project is supported by Fondazione Bruno Kessler and Fondazione Caritro.


The general aim of the project is to use innovative ICT-based methods and models for clinical governance in oncology, by designing and developing a system for supporting and controlling the best evidence-based oncological care process. The system is based on electronic guidelines and recommendations and will be integrated with clinical information systems (CIS) to manage the oncological patients. The main goal is the design and development of a prescriptive decision support system (DSS) for clinicians during the care process, based on the execution of AIOM (Associazione Italiana di Oncologia Medica) guidelines for breast cancer formalized in the Asbru language. Asbru is a plan-specification language for defining clinical protocols. The system will be deployed and tested in the Medical Oncology Unit of the S. Chiara Hospital of Trento and integrated with the oncological ERP in use in the ward.


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