Presentation Guideline


  • Language:
    • Slides: English
    • Talk: English


  • WHY: Motivation & Introduction (e.g., domain, problem description, why should your audience listen to your talk?, users-tasks-data, etc.)
  • [STATE OF THE ART: What have others done?]
  • WHAT: What did I/we do? -- Concept (e.g., visualization design & interaction design)
  • HOW: Research method / development approach (e.g., architecture, implementation details, used libraries, etc.)
  • RESULT: Presentation of results (e.g., prototype demo)
    • Critical discussion of results (strengths/weaknesses)
    • Possible future work (improvements, extensions)
    • Experiences with used programming language, toolkits, libraries, etc.
    • Experiences during design and implementation in general
  • CONCLUSION: Are there general lessons learned possibly useful to other domains?
The order of issues presented above is good practice. However, it largely depends on the main story thread being told and changing the order, e.g., to provide a better dramaturgy, is fine (e.g., RESULT before HOW). --> Try to tell a good story that is compelling.
Please do not forget to include the presentation files in the document submission.


Additional hints:

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