State of the Art in Java for Information Visualization on Mobile Devices

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Small applications for mobile devices ("apps") have become widespread and popular. The most widespread operations systems that apps are developed for are Android and iOS, but there are also less widespread systems.

Android applications are developed in Java, which is an advantage for researchers as many existing libraries from research are developed in this language. However, according to Wikipedia: "Android does not use the Abstract Window Toolkit nor the Swing library. User Interface is built using View objects. Android uses a framework similar to Swing based around Views rather than JComponents. However, Android widgets are not JavaBeans: the Android application Context must be provided to the widget at creation."

  • Analyze the possibilites for developing Information Visualization applications for mobile devices using Java. Focus on Android, but also look for possibilities to use Java on other devices.
  • Look for existing libraries and solutions and compare them to each other and to Prefuse on a desktop system as reference.
  • Compare ease of use, performance, and functionality.
Other information

Similar work has been done in the past:

A Comparison of Programming Platforms for Interactive Visualization in Web Browser Based Applications

Toolkits für die Visualisierung

Today, Flash and Silverlight seem to be dying out while HTML, JavaScript, and SVG thrive. Thus, they are evaluated in a BSc project parallel to this one. Here, the focus while be on Java.

A possible starting points is:

It is also possible to combine these two STAR BSc projects to one MSc project.


Assigned as
Bachelor thesis/Bakkalaureatsarbeit
Tim Lammarsch

Information Visualization (IV)
in progress