New Publications at VIS 2023

Submitted by Nikolaus Piccolotto on

We are very happy to announce that several papers of our group were accepted to VIS 2023:

  • Ignacio Pérez-Messina, Davide Ceneda, Silvia Miksch: "Guided Visual Analytics for Image Selection in Time and Space"
  • Davide Ceneda, Christopher Collins, Mennatallah El-Assady, Silvia Miksch, Christian Tominski, and Alessio Arleo: "A Heuristic Approach for Dual Expert/End-User Evaluation of Guidance in Visual Analytics"
  • Nikolaus Piccolotto, Markus Bögl, Christoph Muehlmann, Klaus Nordhausen, Peter Filzmoser, Johanna Schmidt, and Silvia Miksch: "Data Type Agnostic Visual Sensitivity Analysis"
  • Johanna Schmidt,  Bernhard Pointner, and Silvia Miksch: "Visual Analytics for Understanding Draco's Knowledge Base"