CVAST @ EuroVis 2023

Submitted by Nikolaus Piccolotto on

EuroVis 2023 in Leipzig is concluded and the CVAST group actively participated in many ways:

  • Silvia participated in the panel discussion "Disrupting the Status Quo: Provocations in Visual Analytics" at EuroVA
  • Nikolaus presented a paper "Multi-Ensemble Visual Analytics via Fuzzy Sets" at EuroVA
  • Ignacio presented a paper "A Methodology for Task-Driven Guidance Design" (Best Paper Honorable Mention) at EuroVA
  • Alessio presented the invited CGF paper "Visual Exploration of Financial Data with Incremental Domain Knowledge"
  • Nikolaus presented the invited CGF survey paper "Visual Parameter Space Exploration in Time and Space"
  • Velitchko presented the invited CGF survey paper "Are We There Yet? A Roadmap of Network Visualization from Surveys to Task Taxonomies"
  • Silvia chaired the STAR session "VA + AI"
  • Alessio chaired the short paper session "Graphs and High-Dimensional Data"
  • Victor presented the paper "Doom or Deliciousness: Challenges and Opportunities for Visualization in the Age of Generative Models"


We hope to see everyone in Denmark again next year.