New Publication: Visual Parameter Space Exploration in Time and Space

Submitted by Nikolaus Piccolotto on

N. Piccolotto, M. Bögl, and S. Miksch: "Visual Parameter Space Exploration in Time and Space", to appear in Computer Graphics Forum.


Computational models, such as simulations, are central to a wide range of fields in science and industry. Those models take input parameters and produce some output. To fully exploit their utility, relations between parameters and outputs must be understood. These include, e.g., which parameter setting produces the best result (optimization) or which ranges of parameter settings produce a wide variety of results (sensitivity). Such tasks are often difficult to achieve for various reasons, e.g., the size of the parameter space, and supported with visual analytics. In this paper, we survey visual parameter space exploration (VPSE) systems involving spatial and temporal data. We focus on interactive visualizations and user interfaces. Through thematic analysis of the surveyed manuscripts, we identify common workflow steps (Figure 1) and approaches to support them. We also identify topics for future work that will help enable VPSE on a greater variety of computational models.