{Be a Judge! - Wearable Wireless Motion Sensors for Audience Participation}

Conference Paper
In recent years the Olympic Games have undergone vast criticism due to perceived subjective scoring in judgedevents, as for example figure skating and gymnastics. Judges´ scores may be influenced by favoritism, humanerror, or possibly corruption. Audience participation in scoring represents a promising approach to meet theseproblems. In this paper we present an audience voting system that utilizes the natural behavior of sportsspectators: clapping and cheering. The system consists of wireless motion sensors and microphones that enablespectators to cast their vote in real time. The sensors are worn by audience members and determine the clappingfrequency of each participant. This facilitates continuous influence on the score throughout an athlete´s performance.The audience score is presented on wall-sized stadium displays and might be contrasted with the judges´ scores toencourage audience engagement.
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Extended abstracts of the 2004 conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2004)
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ACM Press, NY, USA