{Asbru, a Plan-Representing Language Modelling Time-oriented, Skeletal Plans in Sport}

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Workout planning is a very time-consuming task, where lots of interactions between different exercises have to be observed. The available knowledge is partly very large but incomplete and cannot automatically be transfer to the current situation of an individual athlete. There are different problems in this area: the transfer of available knowledge, individual adaptation, and effective evaluation of intended effects after the planned exercises were performed. Skeletal plans are a very powerful way to tackle these problems. These plans are as well human readable and support automated processing of the gathered knowledge. It is a huge step from free text representation to a notation where a computer may help a coach effectively. We try to split this big step into some smaller steps by looking at the specific tasks which are performed in workout planning and evaluation. These tasks are supported by a set of problem solving methods which can be implemented independently based on a common plan representation we called Asbru.
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Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium Computer Science in Sport
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