{Integrating a knowledge-based system for parenteral nutrition of neonates into a clinical intranet}

Daily renewed composition of parenteral nutrition for premature and full-term newborn infants in intensive care is tedious routine work. It needs a lot of expert knowledge and experience. Furthermore, it is a time consuming task and prone to inherent calculation errors. We have built several versions of the knowledge-based system VIE-PNN for prescribing parenteral nutrition supply. However, the clinical staff did not use these versions in their daily routine. The recent version of VIE-PNN is a redesign using a HTML-based client-server architecture. It is integrated into the intranet of workstations which run the clinic's patient data management system. This integrated version is fully accepted by the clinical staff. It is used in daily routine at two neonatal intensive care units of the University of Vienna. All nutrition sheets are calculated by VIE-PNN. Reasons for the successful operation of the knowledge-based system in the daily routine work are ease of use, minimal required input, robustness of the system, explanation facilities, and most important time savings for the physician compared to the calculation by hand. Keywords: Knowledge-based system, intensive care unit, parenteral nutrition, neonates, intranet application, integration with patient data management system.
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