{A Workflow Model for the Asgaard Project: A Time-Oriented, Skeletal Planning Workbench in Medicine}

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Planning medical therapies is a very creative task depending on the patients' situation and the skill of the responsible physicians. Much time is spent to develop standard procedures, which can be seen as skeletal plans. Such plans are very useful in order to reduce the work to the essential individual adaptations reusing existing domain-specific knowledge. We are presenting a work model of medical therapy planning and showing the integration of the plan-representing language Asbru in different user aspects. The information overload, generated by modern devices and the high speed of medical progress, has to be structured to stay manageable. It is important to keep the physician in contact with the patient and leave the last decision in human hands. Therefore, this paper is the draft of the general framework of how Asbru would help to connect on-line patient data with state-of-the-art skeletal therapy plans to guide through complex decisions and decompose related information.
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The First Workshop on Computers in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care: Knowledge-Based Information Management in conjunction with the Joint European Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Medical Decision Making (AIMDM'99)
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June 20.
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