Porting Functionality of Prefuse to Android


Prefuse is a widely used library for Information Visualization. It is developed in Java and thus portable to numerous operating systems. Android, however, does not support Sun's Java class library - according to Wikipedia: "Android does not use the Abstract Window Toolkit nor the Swing library. User Interface is built using View objects. Android uses a framework similar to Swing based around Views rather than JComponents. However, Android widgets are not JavaBeans: the Android application Context must be provided to the widget at creation." While these differences seem to make porting things like Swing dialogs nearly impossible, porting Prefuse and its native drawing routines to Android is an option.

  • Create a working prefuse fork for Android, based on the existing GitHub version in its branch from TU Vienna.
  • Instead of making a full port, start with the functionality needed to create a static non-interactive scatter plot.
  • Document the work done and provide high-quality well-commented code. Building more on this project is by far more important than many features.http://prefuse.org/

Tim Lammarsch, by appointment, lammarsch [at] ifs.tuwien.ac.at


Information Visualization (IV)
in progress