Data cleansing / data wrangling


In spite of advances in technologies for working with data, analysts still spend an inordinate amount of time diagnosing data quality issues and manipulating data into a usable form. This process of ‘data wrangling’ often constitutes the most tedious and time-consuming aspect of analysis. Since data cleaning and integration are longstanding issues in the database community, there are a number of software tools which address this problem. In recent years also the Information Visualization community presented some ideas on how interactive visualization can facilitate the process of data wrangling.


A comprehensive description of existing approaches of dealing with data quality problems (identification of problems, visualization of problems, cleansing the data set, preparing the data set for further processing steps).

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Research Directions in Data Wrangling: Visualizations and Transformations for Usable and Credible Data

Theresia Gschwandtner, by appointment, gschwandtner [at]
Information Visualization (IV)
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