Finished Students' Projects / Abgeschlossene Studierenden-Projekte

Information Visualization

Assigned as Student(s)
Visualization of Cultural Heritage Collection Data
Stack Zooming for Stock Market Data
DOI TimeScale for Medical Histories Master thesis/Diplomarbeit
FacetZoom - Interactive Time Scale
Rank Chart / Slopegraph for (car) racing data
Cycle Plot for climate data
InfoVis for Nursing Bachelor thesis/Bakkalaureatsarbeit

Roman Tanzer

Exploiting interaction in dynamic graph visualization Bachelor thesis/Bakkalaureatsarbeit

Riccardo Scalisi

Compact Display of Event Episodes in Multiple Time-Series Bachelor thesis/Bakkalaureatsarbeit

Sascha Rainer

Stefan Schlossarek

Knowledge-based Patient Data Generation
Media Transparency Dashboard Project/Projektarbeit

David Pfahler

Information visualization evaluation
Explore and Investigate Media Transparency Project/Projektarbeit

Manuel T. Schrempf

Network Traffic Visualization
Visual Glyph Editor for Rapid Prototyping Master thesis/Diplomarbeit

Thomas Kabon

Comparison of Web-based Toolkits for Visualization of Time-oriented Data Bachelor thesis/Bakkalaureatsarbeit

Rene Koller

iCalendar Import/Export
Text & Document Visualization

Jakob Frohnwieser

TrainVis 2 Project/Projektarbeit

Bernhard Mecl (PR)

Tickit: Interactive Visual Interfaces for Mobile Time Tracking Project/Projektarbeit

Damir Dizdarevic

A Comparison of Static and Dynamic Visualizations for Time-Oriented Data Master thesis/Diplomarbeit

Barbara Neubauer

Calendar Layouter Project/Projektarbeit
Visual Debugging Aids for Eclipse Project/Projektarbeit

Peter Bodesinsky
Alex Gruber
Dorna Nasseri

Empirical Evaluation of a Visualization Technique with Semantic Zoom Master thesis/Diplomarbeit

Stephan Hoffmann

Information Extraction (IE) and Transformation

Assigned as Student(s)
Translating Block-Oriented and Graph-Oriented Process Modeling Languages Seminar work/Seminararbeit

Thomas Tschach

Concept Mapping or Indexing of (Biomedical) Text Bachelor thesis/Bakkalaureatsarbeit

Edita Rados

Dokumentenvergleich mit Annotationen Bachelor thesis/Bakkalaureatsarbeit

Bruno Pfeiffer
Philipp Waibel

Plan Execution

Assigned as Student(s)
Plan Execution Unit