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Bors, C., T. Gschwandtner, S. Miksch, and J. Gärtner, "QualityTrails: Data Quality Provenance as a Basis for Sensemaking", Proceedings of the IEEE VIS Workshop on Provenance for Sensemaking, pp. 1–2, 2014. application/pdf iconworkshop_provenance_poster_final.pdf application/pdf iconpaper
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Lammarsch, T., W. Aigner, S. Miksch, and A. Rind, "Showing Important Facts to a Critical Audience by Means Beyond Desktop Computing", Death of the Desktop - Workshop co-located with IEEE VIS 2014, Paris, France, Kasper Anders Søren Hornbæk, 2014. application/pdf iconpaper
Schwarzinger, F., A. Roschal, and T. Gschwandtner, "Sketching Temporal Uncertainty - An Exploratory User Study", Eurographics/IEEE VGTC Conference on Visualization (EuroVis 2018), Brno, Czech Republic, The Eurographics Association, pp. 67-71, 2018. application/pdf iconpaper.pdf
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Kaiser, K., and A. Seyfang, "Supporting Knowledge Modelling by Multi-modal Learning: Defining the Requirements", Proc. of the Workshop on Knowledge Representation for Healthcare (KR4HC) in conjunction with the Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2011, Bled, Slovenia, 07/2011.
Quaglini, S., Y. Shahar, M. Peleg, S. Miksch, C. Napolitano, M. Rigla, A. Pallàs, E. Parimbelli, and L. Sacchi, "Supporting Shared Decision Making within the MobiGuide Project", Proceedings of the AMIA Annual Symposium, Washington, DC, American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA), pp. 1175-1184, 2013. application/pdf iconpaper
Wagner, M., F. Fischer, R. Luh, A. Haberson, A. Rind, D. Keim, and W. Aigner, "A Survey of Visualization Systems for Malware Analysis", Eurographics Conference on Visualization (EuroVis) State of The Art Reports: EuroGraphics, pp. 105–125, 2015. application/pdf iconpaper
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Waldhör, K., C. Freidl, A. Rind, and K. Ecker, "TAI (Day Trip Indicator) – Measuring Value Added in the Tourism Sector", eTourism Case Studies: Management and Marketing Issues in eTourism: Elsevier, pp. 361–371, Aug, 2008.
Gschwandtner, T., J. Gärtner, W. Aigner, and S. Miksch, "A Taxonomy of Dirty Time-Oriented Data", Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS 7465): Multidisciplinary Research and Practice for Information Systems (Proceedings of the CD-ARES 2012), Prague, Czech Republic, Springer, Berlin / Heidelberg, pp. 58 -- 72, 2012. application/pdf iconpaper
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Rind, A., T. Lammarsch, W. Aigner, B. Alsallakh, and S. Miksch, "TimeBench: A Data Model and Software Library for Visual Analytics of Time-Oriented Data", IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Special Issue "VIS 2013", vol. 19, issue 12, pp. 2247-2256, 12/2013. application/pdf iconslides application/pdf iconpaper video/mp4 iconvideo
Gschwandtner, T., W. Aigner, S. Miksch, J. Gärtner, S. Kriglstein, M. Pohl, and N. Suchy, "TimeCleanser: A Visual Analytics Approach for Data Cleansing of Time-Oriented Data", 14th International Conference on Knowledge Technologies and Data-driven Business (i-KNOW 2014), Graz, Austria, ACM Press, pp. 1-8, 2014. application/pdf iconpaper.pdf
Amor-Amorós, A., P. Federico, and S. Miksch, "TimeGraph: a Data Management Framework for Visual Analytics of Large Multivariate Time-Oriented Networks", Poster Proceedings of the IEEE Visualization Conference (VIS), Paris, France, 2014. application/pdf iconpaper video/mp4 iconvideo