Visual Analytics for Dimension Reduction Algorithms


Dimension Reduction (DR) Algorithms are used to analyze multivariate tabular data, such as the often-used car dataset ( They often aim to find a 2-dimensional projection for p-variate tabular data such that the proximity in 2D space encodes similarity in the original space, ie. they find 2 synthetic dimensions. A popular example is principal component analysis (PCA), and its synthetic dimensions are those with the largest variance. PCA is a linear DR algorithm, as its dimensions are a linear combination of the original dimensions, but non-linear algorithms such as UMAP or t-SNE exist. For many of these one needs to set (hyper-)parameters that influence the result greatly. When people need to explain them, the synthetic dimensions themselves are of interest.


Provide a systematic overview of VA research in dimension reduction. Possible focal points (not exhaustive) are how application prototypes link the result to parameters, or how they support explanation of synthetic dimensions.

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screenshot of interactive pca visual analytics prototype

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