Visual Interactive Creation, Customization, and Analysis of Data Quality Metrics

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During data pre-processing, analysts spend a significant part of their time and effort profiling the quality of the data along with cleansing and transforming the data for further analysis. While quality metrics ranging from general to domain-specific measures facilitate assessment of the quality of a dataset, there are hardly any approaches to visually support the analyst in customizing and applying such metrics. Yet, visual approaches could facilitate user involvement for data quality assessment. We present MetricDoc, an interactive environment for assessing data quality that provides customizable, reusable quality metrics in combination with immediate visual feedback. Moreover, we provide an overview visualization of these quality metrics along with error visualizations that facilitate interactive navigation of the data to determine the causes of quality issues present in the data. In this paper we describe the architecture, design, and evaluation of MetricDoc which underwent several design cycles, including heuristic evaluation and expert reviews as well as a focus group with data quality, human-computer interaction, and visual analytics experts.
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Journal of Data and Information Quality (JDIQ)
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