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Visualizing Sets and Set-typed Data

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Companion website for our survey on set visualization, published in Computer Graphics Forum (application/pdf icon pdf).

A graphical list of set-related tasks is available here.

A printable and more comprehensive list of the resources is available in PDF as supplementary material of the survey.

NEW: The slides of our EuroVis 2014 talk are available here (in Powerpoint format).




New: a publication browser of the surveyed techniques is available here.

New: another publication browser of the surveyed techniques is available here (by Adil Yalçın).

Note: we appreciate if you refer us to related material and techniques for set visualization that we missed, also we welcome your feedback or proposals to our work (contact Bilal Alsallakh or Luana Micallef)

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Venn and Euler Diagrams



  • Authors: Luana Micallef, Peter Rodgers
  • Software: open-source





  • Authors: Luana Micallef, Peter Rodgers
  • Software: open-source


3-Circle Venn Diagram Applet

  • Authors: Stirling C. Chow, Peter Rodgers
  • Software: Java Applet


Wilkinson’s venneuler()

d3venn: Venn Diagrams with D3.js


Venn Diagrams with Processing.js



  • Authors: Paolo Simonetto, David Auber, and Daniel Archambault
  • Software: a plugin for the open-source Tulip toolkit


Variants of Euler Diagrams

Untangling Euler Diagrams


 Fan Diagrams





Bubble Sets

  • Talk: at InfoVis 2009, coming soon (vimeo)
  • Website





  • Authors:  D. Oelke, H. Strobelt, C. Rohrdantz, I. Gurevych, and O. Deussen
  •  Video: demonstation
  • Software: Open Source implementation on the website
  • Website







  • Authors: Basak Alper, Nathalie Henry-Riche, Gonzalo Ramos, and Mary Czerwinski
  • Video: demonstation


Kelp Diagrams

  • Authors: Kasper Dinkla, Marc Van Kreveld, Bettina Speckmann
  •  Slides, Datasets


Parallel Tag Clouds

  • Authors: Collins, Christopher, Fernanda B. Viegas, and Martin Wattenberg
  •  Video: demonstation
  • Website (including the paper and the IEEE VAST 2009 slides)








Node-Link Representations






Matrix Representations





OnSet (PixelLayers)


Frequency Grids

  • Authors: Luana Micallef, Pierre Dragicevic, Jean-Daniel Fekete
  • Software: eulerGlyphs (open source)

KMVQL (Boolean Query Specification and Query Result Visualization)



Aggregation-based Techniques


Double-Decker Plot

Parallel Sets


Linear Diagrams

  • Authors:  Peter Rodgers
  •  Software:


Radial Sets




Singleton Set Distribution View

  • Authors: Kent Wittenburg, Alessio Malizia, Luca Lupo, Georgiy Pekhteryev
  • Slides: AVI 2010


Theses on Set Visualization


2014: Visual Analytics of Large Homogeneous Data - Categorical, Set-typed, and Classification Data

Bilal Alsallakh, PhD Thesis at Vienna University of Technology

Download thesis


2013: Visualizing Set Relations and Cardinalities Using Venn and Euler Diagrams

Luana Micallef, PhD Thesis at the University of Kent

Download thesis


2012: Visualisation of Overlapping Sets and Clusters with Euler Diagrams
Paolo Simonetto, PhD Thesis at Université Bordeaux 1
Download thesis

2008: Set Type Enabled Information Visualization
Wolfgang Freiler, Master’s thesis at Vienna University of Technology
Download thesis

2007: Generating and drawing area-proportional Euler and Venn diagrams
Stirling C. Chow, PhD Thesis at the University of Victoria.
Download thesis