EclipseTracer allows developers to adapt selected Eclipse break-points and watch-points into trace-points while debugging Java programs. Instead of stopping the execution, trace-points only record information about the current state when they are hit and store them in per-instance traces. The "silent" hits can be visualized over a time-line for post-mortem examination of the recorded information.

  • A tool that integrates with Eclipse as a solution in the middle between full tracing and stop-and-go debugging.
  • Information are recorded and visualized a on a per-instance basis (a trace contains hits the belong to a specific instance of the class in which the break-point / watch-point is defined).
  • Multiple traces can be visualized over time to reveal temporal relations.

Usage Information

The tool can be downloaded from the following update site.

Update Site

Beta version coming soon.

Here you can download an early alpha version (under the 2-Clause BSD License).



Further information

Read the following short paper:

Alsallakh, Bilal, Peter Bodesinsky, Alexander Gruber, and Silvia Miksch. "Visual Tracing for the Eclipse Java Debugger." In 16th European Conference on Software Maintenance and Reengineering, edited by Tom Mens, 545-548. Szeged - Hungary: IEEE Computer Society, 2012.application/pdf iconposter application/pdf iconpaper video/mp4 iconvideo