Visualization Techniques for Time-Oriented, Skeletal Plans in Medical Therapy Planning

Title{Visualization Techniques for Time-Oriented, Skeletal Plans in Medical Therapy Planning}
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsKosara, R., and S. Miksch
EditorsHorn, W., Y. Shahar, G. Lindberg, S. Andreassen, and J. Wyatt
Conference NameProceedings of the Joint European Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Medical Decision Making (AIMDM'99)

In order to utilize elaborate tools and techniques (like verification) for use with clinical protocols, these must be represented in an appropriate way. Protocols are typically represented by means of formal languages (e.g., Asbru), which are very hard to understand for medical experts and lead to many problems in practical use. Therefore, a powerful user interface is needed. We identify the key problems the user-interface designer is faced with, and present a number of classic solutions and their shortcomings | which led to our own solution called AsbruView. Its two different views (Topological View and Temporal View) are presented.