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Alsallakh, B., S. Miksch, and A. Rauber, "Towards a Visualization of Multi-faceted Search Results", Workshop on Knowledge Maps and Information Retrieval (KMIR), vol. 1311, London, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, pp. 4, 09/2014. application/pdf iconpaper
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Amor-Amorós, A., P. Federico, and S. Miksch, "TimeGraph: a Data Management Framework for Visual Analytics of Large Multivariate Time-Oriented Networks", Poster Proceedings of the IEEE Visualization Conference (VIS), Paris, France, 2014. application/pdf iconpaper video/mp4 iconvideo
Gschwandtner, T., W. Aigner, S. Miksch, J. Gärtner, S. Kriglstein, M. Pohl, and N. Suchy, "TimeCleanser: A Visual Analytics Approach for Data Cleansing of Time-Oriented Data", 14th International Conference on Knowledge Technologies and Data-driven Business (i-KNOW 2014), Graz, Austria, ACM Press, pp. 1-8, 2014. application/pdf iconpaper.pdf
Rind, A., T. Lammarsch, W. Aigner, B. Alsallakh, and S. Miksch, "TimeBench: A Data Model and Software Library for Visual Analytics of Time-Oriented Data", IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Special Issue "VIS 2013", vol. 19, issue 12, pp. 2247-2256, 12/2013. application/pdf iconslides application/pdf iconpaper video/mp4 iconvideo
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Gschwandtner, T., J. Gärtner, W. Aigner, and S. Miksch, "A Taxonomy of Dirty Time-Oriented Data", Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS 7465): Multidisciplinary Research and Practice for Information Systems (Proceedings of the CD-ARES 2012), Prague, Czech Republic, Springer, Berlin / Heidelberg, pp. 58 -- 72, 2012. application/pdf iconpaper
Waldhör, K., C. Freidl, A. Rind, and K. Ecker, "TAI (Day Trip Indicator) – Measuring Value Added in the Tourism Sector", eTourism Case Studies: Management and Marketing Issues in eTourism: Elsevier, pp. 361–371, Aug, 2008.