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Lammarsch T, Aigner W, Bertone A, Miksch S, Rind A. Mind the Time: Unleashing Temporal Aspects in Pattern Discovery. Computers & Graphics. 2014;38(Special Issue on Visual Analytics):38-50.application/pdf iconpaper
Lammarsch T, Aigner W, Bertone A, Bögl M, Gschwandtner T, Miksch S, et al. Interactive Visual Transformation for Symbolic Representation of Time-oriented Data. In: Holzinger A, Ziefle M, Glavinić V, editors. Proceedings of the International Conference on Human Factors in Computing & Informatics (SouthCHI 2013). Vol 7947. Maribor: Springer; 2013. p. 400-19.application/pdf iconpaper