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Thud A, Gschwandtner T, Walny J, Dykes J, Stasko J. Exploration and Explanation in Data-Driven Storytelling. In: Riche NH, Hurter C, Diakopoulos N, Carpendale S, editors. Data-Driven Storytelling. A K Peters/CRC Press ; 2018. (AK Peters Visualization Series).
Lammarsch T, Aigner W, Miksch S, Rind A. Showing Important Facts to a Critical Audience by Means Beyond Desktop Computing. In: Jansen Y, Isenberg P, Dykes J, Carpendale S, Keefe D, editors. Death of the Desktop - Workshop co-located with IEEE VIS 2014. Paris, France: Kasper Anders Søren Hornbæk; 2014.application/pdf iconpaper